Clemente Jacques Chiles Chipotles Ground


Clemente Jacques Chiles Chipotles Ground 220g. 

A delicious twist in a squeezable bottle! 

Clemente Jacques is one of the leading names in Mexico when it comes to chiles and also one of the pioneers in bringing you canned and sliced chiles. Now they shake things up again with these handy Chipotles in this 220g squeezable bottle. 

Fun Chipotle Ideas: Perfect for tacos and nachos, easy to use without spills. You can easily add a kick to mayonnaise, ranch or any other dressing with a squeeze or two of mashed chipotles, just add some chipotle and mix. It also makes a great seasoning for seafood, barbecue and other sauces. 

Storage: Keep in a dry, cool place. 

Once opened, keep refrigerated.

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