About us, Mexican Products for Sale in Portugal

About us, Mexican Products for Sale in Portugal


Founded in November 2022 by Laura and João, By Lau Pereira was established not only as a means to feel connected to their roots but also with a broader mission of advancing Mexican culinary culture in Portugal and across Europe.

At By Lau Pereira, our fervor lies in bringing the quintessence of Mexico to your dining experience. We curate an extensive array of premium Mexican food items, spanning from chilies, spices, and sauces to tortillas and traditional confections. Each product within our selection is meticulously chosen to deliver unrivaled authenticity and flavor.

Our aim is to guide you on an authentic voyage through Mexican gastronomy. Within our store, you'll discover indispensable ingredients for crafting genuine Mexican dishes. Whether your palate craves fiery sensations, authentic homemade sauces, or the finest refried beans, our offerings cater to your every need.

Distinguishing ourselves through a steadfast commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, we take pride in furnishing an exceptional shopping environment. We strive to furnish authentic products at competitive prices, complemented by our dedicated team's readiness to provide assistance and address any inquiries you may have.

Explore our online emporium and conveniently place your orders from the comfort of your home. We extend a warm invitation for you to become part of our culinary community and embark on a delectable Mexican journey.

Exclusive pricing and tailored stocking arrangements are available for restaurants!

We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to share our passion for Mexican cuisine with you and deliver the finest Mexican culinary delights.

At By Lau Pereira, our mission is to serve you!