Chile Guajillo Las Catrinas 80g


Chile Guajillo Las Catrinas - 80g

Best before: 02/2024

Chile Guajillo is a must-have ingredient for any enthusiast of Mexican cuisine. These authentic peppers are known for their robust flavor profile, characterized by a deep, smoky taste and a moderate level of heat. Whether you're preparing traditional dishes such as mole sauce, enchiladas, or salsas, or exploring new recipes, Chile Guajillo adds a distinctive touch to your creations. 

At By Lau Pereira we source high-quality Chile Guajillo peppers, ensuring their authenticity and exceptional taste. 

Our peppers are carefully selected, dried, and packaged to preserve their freshness and flavor. With their versatility and aromatic properties, Chile Guajillo peppers offer endless possibilities for culinary exploration.

Keep in a fresh and dry place away from ligth




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