Indy Dedos - Doce de Tamarindo


INDY Dedos 20g

Best before: 08/07/2025


Indy Dedos is a popular Mexican candy that combines the tangy taste of tamarind with a spicy chili kick, creating an addictive and delightful flavor experience. Shaped like small fingers ("dedos" in Spanish), these candies are made from natural tamarind pulp and coated with chili powder, making them a perfect treat for those who love a mix of sweet, sour, and spicy flavors. Ideal for snacking on the go, Indy Dedos offers a fun and flavorful adventure in every bite.


Flavor Profile: Indy Dedos provides a unique blend of tangy tamarind sweetness and a spicy chili kick, delivering a well-balanced and exciting flavor experience.

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