Tajín Chile and Lime - Low Sodium - 142g


Tajín Chile and Lime - Low Sodium - 142g


Tajín Chile y Limón (low sodium version)142g offers a delicious powdered chili seasoning enriched with dehydrated lime and salt, providing a combination of hot and refreshing spices.

Tajín Chile y Limón is a go-to seasoning for those who enjoy a versatile spice blend that can add a delightful twist to a wide range of culinary creations. Its unique combination of heat, citrus, and salt makes it a must-have for any kitchen aiming to explore bold and flavorful taste profiles.

**Tajín contains no added artificial colors or flavors.


  • Spicy Heat: Tajín Chile y Limón is known for its moderate to mildly spicy heat, derived from the chili peppers in the blend. This heat level adds a pleasant kick to dishes without being overpowering.
  • Citrus Tang: The dehydrated lime in the mix provides a refreshing citrusy tang, creating a harmonious balance with the spiciness. This characteristic makes it an excellent choice for those who enjoy a hint of acidity in their dishes.
  • Slight Salinity: The addition of salt not only contributes to the overall flavor but also enhances the taste of the ingredients it is sprinkled on.
  • Versatility: Tajín is incredibly versatile and can be used on a wide variety of foods. Its unique combination of flavors makes it suitable for both traditional Mexican cuisine and as a creative twist in global dishes.

Suggested Uses:

  • Fresh Fruits: Sprinkle Tajín on fresh fruits like watermelon, mango, pineapple, and oranges to add a burst of flavor. The spice blend enhances the sweetness of the fruits while providing a spicy and tangy contrast.
  • Vegetables: Use Tajín to season grilled or roasted vegetables such as corn on the cob, sweet potatoes, or zucchini. The spice mix elevates the savory notes and gives a delightful kick to the veggies.
  • Snacks: Jazz up snacks like popcorn, nuts, or chips by dusting them with Tajín. The combination of heat and citrus adds a delightful twist to traditional snack favorites.
  • Seafood: Enhance the flavor of seafood dishes like ceviche, shrimp, or fish tacos by incorporating Tajín. The spice blend complements the natural taste of seafood, creating a mouthwatering experience.
  • Mexican Cuisine: Use Tajín as a finishing touch on Mexican dishes such as tacos, tostadas, elote (Mexican street corn), or even on guacamole. It's a staple in Mexican cuisine and can be found in many households and street food stalls.


Keep Tajín in a cool, dry place to preserve the seasoning's flavor and quality. Avoid exposure to moisture.


This product is not a candy.

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