Guajillo Powder Seasoning, Sazon Natural 50g


Sazón Natural Guajillo Powder Seasoning 50g. 


Sazon Natural Guajillo Chilli Powder is a vibrant and flavorful spice blend that captures the essence of Guajillo chilies, a popular chili variety in Mexican cuisine.

This unique blend combines the deep, fruity notes of dried Guajillo peppers with complementary herbs and spices to create a versatile seasoning with a rich, earthy taste and a moderate level of heat. This chili powder has a dark red color, with notes of green tea and berries.

Suggested uses:

  • Combine the chili powder with chili in oil to create a paste and use it as a marinade to enhance the flavor of grilled or roasted meats, chicken or pork. The combination of smoky flavors from grilling or roasting and the rich Guajillo chili notes creates a tantalizing and savory experience.


Keep in a cool, dry place to preserve its properties.

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