Takis Fuego Barcel 68g


Takis Fuego Barcel - 68g 


Takis Fuego is a popular Mexican snack known for its intense and bold flavors. These rolled corn tortilla chips are widely recognized for their fiery heat and distinctive lime and chili pepper seasoning.

The snack boasts a vibrant red color, reflecting the intensity of its spiciness. Takis Fuego offers a unique and addictively flavorful experience, combining the crunch of the rolled chips with the zesty and spicy taste that has made it a favorite among snack enthusiasts.


  • Intense Heat: Takis Fuego is renowned for its intense spiciness. The fiery heat is a defining characteristic that sets it apart from other snacks, providing a bold and memorable taste experience for those who enjoy a spicy kick.
  • Distinctive Lime Flavor: One of the key flavor components of Takis Fuego is its distinct lime seasoning. The combination of lime and chili pepper creates a zesty and tangy profile that complements the heat, adding a unique and refreshing element to the snack.
  • Rolled Corn Tortilla Texture: Takis Fuego features a rolled corn tortilla chip format, offering a distinctive texture that is both crunchy and satisfying. The rolled shape contributes to the overall snacking experience, providing a hearty crunch with each bite.
  • Addictive Flavor Profile: Takis Fuego has gained popularity for its addictively flavorful combination of heat, lime, and spice. The well-balanced blend of these elements creates a snack that keeps consumers coming back for more, establishing it as a favorite among those who enjoy bold and adventurous taste sensations.


Keep Takis Fuego in a cool and dry place to preserve their crispiness and flavor.

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