Tajín Chile Guajillo 75g


Tajín Chile Guajillo 75g 


Tajín Chile Guajillo is a popular Mexican chili pepper with a distinctive flavor profile and versatility making it a staple in Mexican cuisine, offering a delightful addition to a wide range of dishes.


  • Mild to Moderate Heat: Guajillo chilies have a mild to moderate level of heat, ranging from 2,500 to 5,000 Scoville Heat Units (SHU). This makes them accessible to a wide range of palates.
  • Rich, Fruity Flavor: These chilies are known for their complex flavor profile, featuring a mildly fruity taste with notes of green tea and berries. The dried form intensifies the flavor, creating a sweet and smoky undertone.
  • Deep Red Color: When dried, Guajillo chilies take on a deep red color, contributing not only to the visual appeal of dishes but also adding a rich hue to sauces, stews, and salsas.

Suggested Uses:

  • Sauces and Salsas: Guajillo chilies are commonly used to make traditional Mexican sauces and salsas. They can be rehydrated by soaking in hot water and then blended with other ingredients like tomatoes, garlic, and spices to create a flavorful base for enchiladas, tamales, or meat dishes.
  • Stews and Soups: The mild heat and fruity undertones of Guajillo chilies make them ideal for adding depth to stews and soups. Whether used whole or in powdered form, they infuse a savory and slightly sweet essence into broths, enhancing the overall taste.
  • Marinades: Ground Guajillo chili powder or rehydrated, pureed chilies work well in marinades for meats and vegetables. The subtle heat and complex flavor complement various proteins, adding a distinctive Mexican flair to grilled or roasted dishes.
  • Tamales and Tacos: Guajillo chilies are frequently incorporated into the masa (dough) for tamales, providing both color and flavor. They are also used in taco fillings, contributing a mild spice and a touch of sweetness to the meat or bean mixture.
  • Mole Sauces: Guajillo chilies are key ingredients in many mole sauces. Mole, a rich and flavorful Mexican sauce, often incorporates a blend of dried chilies, including Guajillo, to achieve a nuanced taste that pairs well with poultry, pork, or beef.


Keep Tajín Chile Guajillo in a cool, dry place, protected from direct sunlight, to preserve its flavor and quality.

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