Tomatillo El Mexicano 2.8 kg


El Mexicano Tomatillos 2.8kg


El Mexicano Tomatillos are the perfect base for many dishes in Mexican cuisine. Tomatillo is a small, light green fruit encased in a thin, translucent husk. Belonging to the nightshade family, the tomatillo boasts a vibrant and slightly citrusy flavor, imparting a refreshing and acidic touch to culinary preparations. Commonly used in sauces and salsas, this versatile ingredient is often cooked before being incorporated into recipes, enhancing its flavors.


  • High-quality green tomatoes.
  • Ideal for preparing salsa verde.
  • Convenient size for large quantities.


The tomatillo is an essential component in emblematic dishes such as "salsa verde," where it is combined with ingredients like peppers, cilantro, and onions to create a spicy and aromatic blend. Its presence in Mexican cuisine adds complexity and depth to dishes, making it a fundamental element in many traditional recipes such as enchiladas verdes o chilaquiles, that reflect the richness of Mexico's gastronomic diversity.


Keep El Mexicano Tomatillos in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight, to preserve their quality and authentic flavor.

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