La Costeña Whole Pinto Beans


La Costeña Whole Pinto Beans 400g. 


Enjoy the authentic Whole Pinto Beans from La Costeña.

These tender and plump pinto beans are carefully selected, cooked, and preserved in a rich and savory broth, ensuring a delicious and authentic taste. The canning process retains the beans' natural texture, making them versatile for a variety of dishes.

Versatility in Mexican Cuisine:

Whole Pinto Beans are excellent for adding an authentic touch to traditional dishes like Huevos Rancheros, providing a truly Mexican culinary experience.

Whether you're preparing classic Mexican recipes like refried beans, hearty soups, or adding a nutritious touch to salads, La Costeña Canned Whole Pinto Beans deliver quality and convenience.

With the authentic taste of home-cooked beans at your fingertips, these canned beans are a time-saving solution without compromising on flavor.


Keep Whole Pinto Beans in a cool, dry place to preserve their distinctive quality and flavor.

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