Las Catrinas Flor de Jamaica Hybiscus 40g


Las Catrinas Flor de Jamaica Hybiscus 40g. 


Discover the healthy and delicious Las Catrinas Hibiscus Flower in a 40g package. Ideal for making tea or refreshing drinks.

Natural Properties:

Hibiscus Flower, also known as hibiscus, is recognized for its excellent diuretic qualities and is a natural source of vitamin C. By making tea or refreshing drinks with these flowers, you can enjoy a flavorful beverage with health benefits.

Easy to Prepare:

Las Catrinas hibiscus flowers are finely cut, making it easy to prepare teas or refreshing drinks. Explore different ways to incorporate this natural ingredient into your recipes.

Convenient Storage:

Keep the freshness of the Hibiscus Flower by storing it in a dry and cool place.

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