Tajín Rimmer 120g


Tajín Rimmer, 120g

Add a zesty twist to your Michelada ritual with our Tajin Rimmer 

Elevate the flavors of your favorite Mexican beer cocktail by rimming your glass with the iconic blend of tangy lime, spicy chili, and savory salt. Our Tajin Rimmer is a vibrant blend of premium ingredients, meticulously crafted to enhance every sip of your Michelada, transforming it into a fiesta for your taste buds. 

Dive into the vibrant culture of Mexico with every rim and savor the authentic flavors that make the Michelada a beloved classic. Spice up your gatherings, impress your guests, and elevate your Michelada game with our Tajin Rimmer!"

Instructions for use:

  1. Grab your favorite Michelada glass.
  2. Moisten the rim of your glass by running a lime wedge around the edge.  You can also moisten your glass with our Tajín Chamoy Líquido.
  3. Carefully dip the moistened rim into the Tajin Rimmer, rotating it gently to ensure an even coating.
  4. Lift the glass and admire the vibrant, flavorful rim.
  5. Proceed to prepare your Michelada as usual, pouring in your preferred beer, tomato juice or clamato, lime juice, hot sauce, and any other desired ingredients.
  6. Take a sip, and let the tantalizing flavors of Tajin Rimmer complement the refreshing goodness of your Michelada.
  7. Enjoy responsibly and savor every moment of the Michelada experience!"

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