Clamato - The Authentic Mexican Tomatoe based Mxer


Clamato - The Authentic Mexican Tomatoe based Mixer

Best before 22/05/24

Discover the rich flavors of Mexico with Clamato, the authentic Mexican mixer based on tomato. Made with the finest tomatoes and infused with a touch of flavorful clam broth, Clamato provides a unique and satisfying taste that perfectly complements your favorite alcoholic beverages.

The name is a combination of "clam" (clam) and "tomato" (tomate). It is also colloquially known as "clamato juice".

Whether you're mixing up a classic Mexican Michelada (beer with Clamato, lime, Maggi sauce, and ice), a Bloody Mary, or creating your exclusive cocktail, Clamato adds a refreshing and zesty twist to any drink.

Elevate your tasting experience and indulge in the authentic flavors of Mexico with Clamato today!