Clamato - O Autêntico Mixer Mexicano à Base de Tomate, 946ml


Clamato - The Authentic Mexican Tomatoe based Mixer


Explore the rich flavors of Mexico with Clamato, the authentic Mexican mixer based on tomatoes. Crafted with the finest tomatoes and infused with a touch of savory clam broth, Clamato delivers a unique and satisfying taste that complements your favorite alcoholic beverages.

Product Highlights:

  • Quality Ingredients: Made with the best tomatoes and enriched with delicious clam broth and spices.
  • Versatility: Perfect for classic Mexican Micheladas, Bloody Marys, or crafting exclusive cocktails.
  • Origin of the Name: A combination of "clam" (clam) and "tomato," also colloquially known as "clamato juice."
  • Refreshing Touch: Adds a refreshing and flavorful twist to any drink.

Usage Suggestions:

  • Experience the classic Mexican Michelada with beer, Clamato, lime, Maggi Sauce, and ice.
  • Create your customized Bloody Mary with Clamato for a unique twist.
  • Explore the crafting of exclusive cocktails by adding the authentic flavor of Mexico.

Elevate your tasting experience and immerse yourself in the authentic flavors of Mexico with Clamato. Make each sip a celebration!

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