Chocolate Abuelita 540g


Chocolate Abuelita - 540g


Chocolate Abuelita is a beloved and iconic Mexican chocolate product that has been a staple in Mexican households for generations. Produced by Nestlé, it is a traditional and authentic chocolate beverage that comes in the form of solid round tablets. The tablets are made from a blend of high-quality cocoa, sugar, cinnamon, and sometimes almonds. The distinctive packaging often features an image of an elderly woman ("abuelita" means grandmother in Spanish), adding a touch of nostalgia to the product.


Rich Flavor: Chocolate Abuelita is known for its rich, deep chocolate flavor that is complemented by the warmth of cinnamon.

Solid Tablets: The chocolate is typically sold in the form of solid tablets, making it easy to portion and melt.

Smooth Texture: When melted, Chocolate Abuelita transforms into a velvety, smooth liquid, perfect for creating a comforting and indulgent beverage.

Cultural Symbol: Beyond its culinary appeal, Chocolate Abuelita holds cultural significance in Mexican traditions, often associated with warmth, family, and celebrations.

Suggested Uses:

Hot Chocolate: The most common use of Chocolate Abuelita is in the preparation of Mexican hot chocolate. To make it, the tablet is melted into milk or water, stir with our wooden stirrer and create a foamy, luscious and aromatic beverage. It is often accompanied by traditional sweet bread like conchas or churros.

Mole Sauce: Chocolate Abuelita is an essential ingredient in some Mexican mole recipes, contributing depth and richness to the complex flavor profile of this savory and spicy sauce.

Desserts: The chocolate can be incorporated into various desserts, such as chocolate-flavored flan, cakes, or cookies, infusing them with its distinctive taste.

Iced Chocolate Beverages: Chocolate Abuelita can be used to create refreshing iced chocolate drinks during warmer months. Simply melt the chocolate and mix it with cold milk or water, then pour it over ice.

Gifts and Celebrations: Given its cultural significance, Chocolate Abuelita makes for a thoughtful and unique gift, especially during holidays and celebrations. It embodies a sense of tradition and warmth that resonates with many.


Keep in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight and humidity.

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