Molinillo Hot Chocolate Mixer


Molinillo - Hot Chocolate Mixer


The Molinillo, also known as the Mexican Chocolate Whisk, is the perfect tool for chocolate enthusiasts. Popular in Mexico, it is used to stir and froth hot beverages, such as the famous Mexican hot chocolate, champurrado, and atole.

<h3This unique tool was invented by Spanish settlers in Mexico, inspired by the rich flavor of chocolate. The wooden stirrers are rotated between hands in a twisting motion, giving the chocolate a rich and frothy consistency.

To prepare a delicious hot drink, simply take a package of Mayordomo chocolate tablets, dissolve in water or milk, and mix with the wooden whisk. Enjoy this sweet delight cherished by generations.


  • Dissolve Mexican chocolate tablets in hot water or milk.
  • Use the Molinillo to stir the mixture and create froth.
  • Enjoy your authentic Mexican hot chocolate!
  • Ideal for celebrating the Cacao ceremony.

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