Komali Tortilla Tradicional 500g


Komali Tortilla Tradicional 500g. 


Experience the authentic taste of Mexican markets with Komali Traditional Tortillas in a 500g package. Known as tlaxcalli in ancient times, these 15cm tortillas offer a flavor that is uniquely Mexican.

How to Use:

Tortillas can be used in various ways, from regular tacos to crispy tacos dorados (deep-fried until crunchy) and flautas (rolled like thin taquitos). Cut into triangles and fried, they become totopos (tortilla chips) for preparing chilaquiles with sauce or for dipping in cheese or guacamole. Cut into strips, they are ideal for making tortilla soup, providing a delicious hot soup with a hint of chipotle flavor.


Store in a dry and cool place. Once opened, keep in the refrigerator in a sealed container to preserve freshness.

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