Komali Tortilla Taquera 500g


Komali Tortilla Taquera 500g.

Best before: 06/02/2024

With Komali Tortilla taquera you can be transported to an authentic Mexican market taco stand! 

The nixtamalization process that tortillas through significantly enriches the nutritional value of maíze as a source of vitamins, minerals (calcium) and protein. 

How to use them: Tortillas taqueras can be used to prepare assorted types of street tacos, like pastor, bistec, campechanos, gringas, alambres and many more. 

How to warm them: Open the package and warm them on a pan. When warmed in microwave. put some in a lightly damp clean cloth, put inside a plastic bag and warm for approx. 30 seconds. (12cm) (approx. 24-27 tortillas per packet) 

Storage: Store in a cool, dry place. Once opened, keep refrigerated inside a sealed container.