Naturelo Farinha Milho Azul Azul 1kg


Naturelo Blue Corn Flour 1kg. 


Enjoy the quality of Naturelo Blue Corn Flour. A flour made with the best quality non-GMO Blue corn, 100% natural, without preservatives or additives, with the best flavor and aroma. Ideal for making sopes, tortillas, tamales, gorditas, etc., with that authentic flavor of our Mexico. In baked tostadas, the taste is exceptional.

Naturelo flour has fewer calories and, on average, 50% more dietary fiber than others (study conducted by CINVESTAV campus Querétaro). We know that a handmade tortilla from start to finish, with Creole corn, sown and harvested by Mexican hands with centuries of tradition, is unbeatable. Still, thanks to Naturelo’s patented technology, they have achieved that products and tortillas made with this flour are the most authentic and traditional as they preserve the flavor, aromas, and nutrients of the corn better than any other flour.

This flour is gluten-free and does not contain genetically modified organisms (GMO). Ideal for preparing tortillas, atole, cornbread, and more.


  • Measuring: Start by measuring the desired amount of Naturelo Blue Corn Flour based on your recipe. This flour is known for its vibrant color and rich flavor, making it an excellent choice for various dishes.
  • Mixing: Place the measured flour in a mixing bowl. Gradually add water, stirring continuously to create a smooth and lump-free consistency. The ratio of water to flour may vary depending on your recipe, so follow the specific instructions provided.
  • Seasoning (Optional): If your recipe calls for it, add a pinch of salt to enhance the flavor. Be mindful not to over-salt, as the blue corn flour already contributes a distinctive taste.
  • Resting Time: Allow the mixture to rest for ½ hr.. This helps the flour fully absorb the water, resulting in a better-textured final product.
  • Cooking: Depending on your recipe, you can use the prepared blue corn dough immediately or let it rest further. Whether making tortillas, tamales, or other dishes, follow the specific cooking instructions for your chosen recipe.


Keep the flour in a cool, dry place. Produced in Mexico.


The shelf life of this product is one year, providing superior durability compared to other options on the market. Try it and be amazed by the exceptional flavor!

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