Maseca Branca, Farinha de Milho para Tortilhas 1kg


Maseca, White Corn Flour for Tortillas, 1kg


Maseca White Corn Flour is the cornerstone of authentic Mexican tortilla making. Made from premium quality white corn, this flour is finely ground to perfection, resulting in a smooth texture and a delicate flavor that captures the essence of traditional Mexican cuisine. It's the secret ingredient that transforms ordinary meals into extraordinary culinary experiences.


  1. Fine Texture: Maseca White Corn Flour boasts a fine consistency, making it ideal for creating soft, pliable tortillas with a satisfying bite.
  2. Authentic Flavor: Crafted from carefully selected white corn, this flour offers a subtly sweet and nutty flavor that enhances the taste of every tortilla.
  3. Versatile: While perfect for crafting classic corn tortillas, Maseca White Corn Flour can also be used to prepare a variety of Mexican delights, including tamales, sopes, and gorditas.
  4. Easy to Use: With simple preparation instructions, Maseca White Corn Flour allows both novice and experienced cooks to whip up delicious homemade tortillas with ease.

Suggested Uses:

  1. Tortillas: Use Maseca White Corn Flour to make fresh, homemade tortillas that are perfect for wrapping your favorite fillings, from savory meats and veggies to zesty salsas and creamy guacamole.
  2. Tamales: Elevate your tamale game by using Maseca White Corn Flour to create the flavorful masa dough that encases tender fillings like shredded chicken, pork, or vegetables.
  3. Sopes: Shape Maseca White Corn Flour into thick discs and fry them to create sopes, delicious vessels for topping with refried beans, cheese, salsa, and your choice of protein.
  4. Gorditas: Form Maseca White Corn Flour into small, thick rounds and cook them on a griddle until golden brown, then slice open and fill with your favorite ingredients for a satisfying handheld meal.


Store at room temperatur

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