Folhas de Milho para Tamal, Totomoxtle (100g)


Corn Husks for Tamales


Explore the authenticity of Mexican cuisine with our Corn Husks for Tamales, also known as Totomoxtle. Commonly used in the traditional preparation of tamales, these corn husks provide a unique and delicious experience to your dish.


  • Soak the dry husks in warm water for approximately 30 minutes to make them pliable and flexible.
  • This process allows you to easily wrap the husks around the masa, ensuring a perfect texture for your tamales.
  • Begin soaking them while preparing the tamale dough, ensuring they are ready when assembling your tamales.
  • In addition to wrapping the masa, the husks are also ideal for lining tamale steamers or cookers, preventing tamales from getting wet or shifting during cooking.

Important Note:

Corn husks are not intended for direct consumption. They are exclusively used to wrap tamales during the cooking process, adding authenticity and preserving traditional flavors.

Package Content:

Approximately 30-40 corn husks per 100g package.

Culinary Tip:

Experiment with creating tamales stuffed with a variety of ingredients, from meat, sweets, or even vegetarian options.


Keep Corn Husks for Tamale in a dry place, avoiding exposure to moisture to preserve their quality. Enjoy the tradition and unique flavor of tamales prepared with corn husks.

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