Maseca Farinha para Tamales 1 kg


Maseca Corn Flour for Tamales 1kg


Maseca Tamale Flour is a gluten-free option, specially formulated to prepare authentic tamales. This flour makes the process of making tamale dough easy, requiring only the addition of warm water.

This specialized corn masa (dough) flour is crafted from high-quality maize that undergoes a meticulous nixtamalization process, where the corn is cooked, soaked in an alkaline solution, and stone-ground.

The result is a fine, fluffy flour that serves as the foundation for tamale preparation, a beloved dish in Mexican culture. Maseca Harina para Tamal imparts a distinct corn flavor and a smooth, malleable texture to the tamale dough. It is prized for its ability to create tamales with the perfect balance of tenderness and structure.


Add warm water to the Maseca flour.

Mix until you have a smooth and homogeneous dough.

Use the dough to prepare tamales filled with meat, chicken, pork, beans, vegetables, cheese, among others.

Don't forget to add sauces to keep the tamales moist during cooking.

Creative Suggestions:

Tamales can come in a variety of forms, including savory options like chicken or pork tamales, and sweet versions filled with ingredients like chocolate, fruit, or cinnamon.

Try creating sweet tamales by adding pineapple, strawberries, pomegranate with peach, or let your imagination soar.


Keep Maseca Tamale Flour in a cool, dry place to preserve its quality.

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