Mole Rojo Mayordomo 460g


Mole Rojo Mayordomo 460g 


Explore the authenticity of Mole Rojo Mayordomo, a Mexican sauce in a 460g package.

Traditional Mole Rojo:

Mole Rojo is a variety of mole sauce, a classic in Mexican cuisine. With a dark brown color, it is made with dried chilies, nuts, spices, vegetables, chocolate, and seasonings. This sauce, which requires a significant amount of time for preparation, is traditionally served with chicken or turkey.

Distinctive Flavor Experience:

Mayordomo, renowned as the best Mole brand in Oaxaca, presents Mole Rojo with the assurance of high-quality ingredients, providing an authentic flavor experience.

How to prepare it:

Enjoy the richness of Mole by preparing it at home in a simple and delicious way. Pour the contents into a saucepan and cook over medium heat for 5 minutes, stirring constantly until you get a smooth paste. Slowly add 4.5 cups of chicken broth, continue stirring until complete integration and let simmer until desired consistency is reached.

Usage Suggestions:

Serve Mole Rojo Mayordomo with grilled chicken for a traditional and tasty meal. Pair it with white rice for a classic combination.


Keep the packaging in a dry and cool place. After opening, refrigerate for up to a week to preserve its flavor and freshness characteristics.

Chef's Touch:

Try incorporating Mole Rojo into enchilada recipes, tacos, or even as a sauce for grilled meats for a unique culinary experience.

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