Cuitlacoche (Huitlacoche) 210g– A Culinary Gem


Cuitlacoche (Huitlacoche) 210g– A Culinary Gem


Dive into the intense flavors of "Endotzi Cuitlacoche (Huitlacoche) 210g - A Culinary Gem," a true culinary treasure recognized as the "Mexican Truffle." This product stands out in the Endotzi brand, where quality and tradition come together to provide an authentic taste of the gastronomic richness of Mexico.

Taste Profile:

Endotzi's Cuitlacoche offers a delightful experience that elevates your dishes to new heights. Obtained from corn infected by the Ustilago maydis fungus, Cuitlacoche boasts a flavor profile rich in umami, with hints of mushrooms and a subtle touch of sweet corn. Its dark appearance and ink provide a dramatic touch to your dishes, making it a visually striking ingredient.

Culinary Versatility:

With the reputation of the "Mexican Truffle," Cuitlacoche has found its place in a wide range of culinary creations, from traditional Mexican dishes like quesadillas and tamales to gourmet creations in high gastronomy restaurants worldwide. Its ability to enhance the depth and complexity of flavors in various recipes makes it a highly valued ingredient among chefs and culinary enthusiasts.

Elevating Your Meals:

Elevate your meals with the natural goodness of Endotzi, where quality meets flavor.

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